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Smart Meter Shielding

     Mobile EMF Survey is an independent consulting firm licensed by the State of California.
     Federal ID No. 93-3593280; License No. 0167620. 
     As you can judge from our ID number, we are active in Electro-Magnetic Fields survey and mitigation business for the last 19 years. 
    We are not affiliated with any electric utility company, electric appliance manufacturer, or any government sponsored organization.
​     Since 1993 we have been testing for the presence and mitigating the effects of Electro-Magnetic Fields and their harmonic frequencies in laboratory, office and residential environments.  
  Implementation of Smart Electrical Grid brought into our homes so called Smart Meters. Those devices are powerful radiation sources. Worst of all, those meters are generating radiation continuously, 24/7. 
Depending on meter's location and load, Smart Meters could have devastating effects on our health.  
       Fulfilling the need for protection devices, we invented and patented shielding which lowers our exposure to the EMF radiation generated by Smart Meter by more than 99.95% (>40dB).  The shielding technology and materials we are applying to manufacture our Smart Meter Shields and Shielding Panels are similar to the ones we are using to shield sensitive laboratory electronic equipment from EMF/RF radiation generated by close-by sources.
      One would assume that if electronic circuits are affected by radiation, our brains would have to be also influenced by it. Numerous studies already confirmed it.  

Our devices have been granted
 "Patent Pending" status by 
the US Patent and Trademark Office.
by Mobile EMF Survey and Mitigation
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