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Smart Meter Shielding
The peace of mind everyone deserves. 
      Shields and panels offered here are not medical devices. Their purpose is to attenuate (lower) high levels of RF/EMF  radiation generated by particular radiation source. Applying our shielding will not cure your current medical conditions. 
      Elimination or lowering of RMF/RF radiation could benefit your immune system which is the first line of defense against many physical and mental illnesses.

          RETURN POLICY:
      If you are not satisfied with the purchase, please contact us within ninety (40) days from the date of receiving the article. 
We will issue a refund for returned items. No questions asked.

      To be applied according to the federal and state laws. 

     We ship via USPS Priority Mail (2 to 3 days delivery time, tracking number). If you wish the item to be shipped by UPS or FedEx, please specify when placing the order.
     We ship to Canada only through our eBay store. Delivery time: 5 to 7 business days.

Meter without 
the Shield 
Meter with the   Shield installed  
Place the panel or shielding sheet where the Smart Meter or other radiation emitting device is located on the other side of the wall. Can use double sided tape.
Cover the panel or shielding sheet with your favorite painting or poster.
 Panel Installation
Shield as a gift.
   Our shielding fabric is woven from copper plated, polyester threads. Threads are also coated with nickel to prevent corrosion of copper in wet environment.        Per MIL-STD 285 specification.
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      To ensure the highest level of protection, we use Flectron 3055-233 Ripstop as a shielding material. It is manufactured and tested to the US military's MIL-STD 285 specification.  This nickel coated copper fabric is corrosion-proof allowing our shields to be exposed to rain and snow without any degradation of their effectiveness. 
     For your inspection, each device comes with an official attenuation level data sheet that confirms the attenuation of over 99.95% of emitted radiation down to a safe level. 
We are not able to secure certified shielding materials. 
For the time being we are not able to fulfill any orders.